Specialized Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss

Of the people who use hearing aids, 70 percent have mild to moderate hearing loss. That leaves 30 percent of hearing aid users who fall within the severe to profound categories of hearing loss.

This level of hearing loss requires hearing aids that can powerfully amplify sound. In addition, more robust speech recognition capabilities are also essential.
Generally, these kinds of hearing aids will be BTE (behind-the-ear) units that provide more customization and wider microphone options than smaller ITE (in-the-ear) units can offer.
Here are some of leading hearing aids for severe hearing loss:

  • The Oticon Dynamo, Sensei SP, and BTE Plus Power lines provide increased gain and output, feedback control, and individualized control capabilities. Enhanced speech recognition and wireless connectivity are also features.
  • The Naida V is Phonak’s model for severe hearing loss. It features several speakers and is capable of amplifying the high-frequency sounds that are crucial to better hearing.
  • Siemens’ Nitro BTE features BestSound Technology, directional microphones, and improved speech recognition. It is strong in addressing both the high- and low-frequency needs of wearers.
  • The Signia Primax is designed for moderately severe hearing loss. It has superior noise reduction, speech recognition, and amplification options.