World Hearing Day Is Here

In early March, healthcare providers and others interested in the long-term hearing health of people will be recognizing World Hearing Day. Set for March 3, the theme will be “To hear for life, listen with care.”

We’ll be part of this worldwide event at our 446 East Water Street location in
Elmira, New York.

Due to several factors, there are concerning trends regarding hearing that are increasingly hard to miss. One of the most striking is the rising number of younger people with significant hearing loss. Hearing aids only being for old folks is no longer a truism.

The factors thought to be contributing to this trend include rising rates of diabetes and other cardiovascular issues. But another big culprit is the increased volume at which many people now live, including the regular use of earbuds and the rise of noisy social environments such as gyms, loud bars and restaurants, and movie theaters with overpowering sound systems.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is sponsoring the event. The goal is to emphasize how important it is to try to prevent damage from accumulating by developing safe listening behaviors. This includes both individuals protecting their own hearing and regulatory solutions to curtail dangerous environments.

The theme of listening with care is rooted in one of the seven interventions (Noise Reduction) called for in the 2021 World Report on Hearing. The other six are screening and intervention, disease prevention and management, access to technology, rehabilitation services, improved communication, and greater community engagement.

Founded in 1948, the WHO is the United Nations’ primary agency dealing with global health issues.