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Your Hearing and Your Job

When undergoing cancer treatment, the principal issue is beating the cancer. Dealing with side effects is just part of that reality. And in many instances, there are hearing-related challenges to face. Hearing loss, tinnitus, and problems maintaining balance are all common cancer treatment side effects. In some cases they can even be permanent, lingering after […]

Your Hearing and Your Job

There are many things to consider when choosing a career. Maybe your long-term hearing health is one to add to the list. There’s no way around the fact that jobs in factories and construction sites, or fields like agriculture, aviation, mining, or the military come with a higher risk of hearing loss. Heavy machinery creates […]

When Your Kid Really Isn’t Ignoring You

It’s easy to assume that hearing loss is specific to the Social Security years; it is more likely in older people. Everyone is on the lookout for it. But less often—and therefore easier to overlook—is hearing loss developing in children. Adults can easily assume that obvious symptoms of hearing loss have to do with something […]

Why’s Everyone Mumbling?

Are you suddenly having trouble understanding what other people are saying? Not completely confident it’s entirely on them? A few things could be going on. In the “you gotta be kidding me” section there’s the possibility that you’ve just got too much of a good thing going on in your ear. As in earwax, which […]

Exercise Is Even Good For Your Ears

There are many reasons to make an exercise routine a priority. Most everyone knows this. But aiding your hearing is probably a reason you’re not aware of. There’s research to support this, including a long-term study conducted by Miami University in the early 2000s that spanned a decade. It found that people over the age […]

Take Care This Summer

Now that COVID-19 restrictions have been eased and we’re making up for lost time, it’s time to remember that some summer activities come with a risk of damaging your hearing. Loud, sudden noise is one of the easiest ways to damage your ears. Fireworks are a well-known source of temporary—and sometimes permanent—hearing damage. They can […]

The Threat of Hearing Loss

Did you know that hearing loss can lead to poorer brain function? Along with more seasonable weather, and maybe the promise a few beach days, the month of June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. Since 1980, people have been going purple to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s support and to accelerate research.  The Alzheimer’s Association […]

Hearing Loss Isn’t Just for the Old Folks

A patient recently asked us ‘Aren’t hearing aids only for older people? ‘. What a fantastic question! For those of us who’ve been watching, the trend of hearing loss issues moving down the age brackets has become increasingly clear over the last decade. It’s been estimated that as much as 15 percent of people under […]

Are Allergies About to Affect Your Hearing?

Spring is on the way. It might still be lurking around the corner but it’ll be here soon. Which, by and large, is a great thing. But for many folks, springtime is also allergy time. And if you’re really lucky, another aspect of seasonal allergies can be hearing issues. By and large, this is about […]

Giving the Gift of Hearing at the End of a Long Year

This past year—the 2020 lockdown—will always be remembered as one of sacrifice, loss, and determination. It’s demanded that we all adjust and recommit to charitable giving. In December we once again sponsored our Gift of Hearing event. Our third annual giveaway, it features open nominations of people who—because of their public service or unique circumstances—are […]