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The Fine Art of Mask Wearing

The news regarding COVID-19 is not good. There’s renewed emphasis on the need for people to wear masks when out of their house. This presents some challenges to anyone who uses a hearing aid. Everyone “lip-reads” when speaking with someone else. The use of visual cues when conversing is so ingrained that we don’t even […]

Hearing: A Core Aspect of Sociability

If the past few months have brought any issue to the forefront, it’s the concept of social connectedness. As our ability to get together and socialize — to undertake the rituals of the every day — has been restricted, it’s become ever more apparent what social animals we are. And for the vast majority of […]

That Was Then, This Is Now

A few weeks ago, Better Hearing and Speech Month — annually recognized each May to heighten hearing-related issues — was to focus on “Communication at Work.” Seemed like a worthy and simple enough topic. But that was then. On April 30, the president of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) announced that the month would instead […]