Taking Care of Your Investment In Your Hearing

Purchasing a hearing aid is an investment in your quality of life, future health, and ability to communicate with loved ones.

And a monetary one as well.

They are not covered by most insurance plans, and even plans that do help cover hearing aid costs limit that to once every few years. Meaning, once you’ve purchased even affordable hearing aids you will want to take care of them so they last as long as possible.

Not that modern hearing aids are delicate. They’re built to stand up to the daily grind. But like any machine, preventive maintenance will extend working life.

The most important aspect of this is regular cleaning. No matter how fastidious you may be, your ear canals are a dirty place, especially with earwax gumming things up. But that’s what it’s supposed to do! Earwax is actually part of the mechanism of keeping more serious dirt and grime out of the inner ear.

But human ears did not evolve with hearing aids in mind. Sticking them in your ears will inevitably mean pulling out some debris clinging to them (even if it’s so small you don’t notice it). That’s why getting into the habit of periodically cleaning them with the brushes and wax picks that come in hearing aid cleaning kits is a good idea.

Also, being electronic devices, moisture is the enemy. So, having a routine of popping hearing aids into a dehumidifier unit while you’re sleeping is another good course of action. Chargers that also act as dehumidifiers are now pretty common, as well.

Any reputable hearing aid provider will have the tools you need to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape.

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